desirable futures: shaping the things to come

“The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed”. - William Gibson

This dimension of our work is devoted to emancipation of futures from hierarchy of power and institutional subjugation. Large corporations, governments, influential think tanks and other institutions are inclined to privatise the right on suggesting visions of possible futures. It is becoming especially worrisome in the age of big data and total transparency, the other side of which is possibility of total control. 

Our goal in the context is to liberate infinite accounts of subjectivities in imagining possible futures. We work with local communities, groups of artists, experts, curators, workers, youth groups and many other formations of 'common'. We are especially interested in revealing underrepresented, hidden and invisible group visions of subjective possible futures. Apart of social aspect, which we associate with the expanded field of art and relational aesthetics, we also engage with professional communities, institutions and organisations which are focused on future planning, foresight and visions (such as urban city planning, country future economic and competitiveness strategies, etc.).