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The Epistemology of Border: Futures of bio-geo-techno-Politics

  • Biennale Urbana Giardini Venice Italy (map)

The border is an invisible, imaginary, fictional line which essential to the process of self-identification, the basis of socio-political hierarchy. What does 'border' mean in complex societal context now and how it can diverge in possible futures? 
Rigid borders and poor existentialism of modern biopolitics is challenged by cyborgization, advancement of AI (artificial intelligence), medical research and other technological developments. The evident crisis of geopolitics as well as of the concept of nation state highlights overdue outdatedness of 'national border'. 
In the course of the lecture-performance, Denis Maksimov & Timo Tuominen will depart from analogy of borrowed from Thomas Hobbes visual concept of Leviathan in order to reflect on radical changes, that the idea and materialisation of 'border' went through in modernity. 'Bio-geo-techno-political' is proposed by Avenir Institute as a format of shaping the point of departure in conversation and reflection on the changing nature and multifaceted nature of the application of the term 'border'. 

The lecture-performance is part of programme of Nationless Pavilion 2016 'Embodying Borders' and 1st Biennale Urbana in the context of 15th Venice Architecture Biennale and builds up on art & theory laboratory 'The State(?)-after-State: Future Potentiality of Post-Nation', that was held in Nationless Pavilion in the context of the 56th Biennale Arte 'All the World's Futures' last year.