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Present Visuality and Thingness of Trans-Ethnography in the Context of Unrealised Future of the Past

  • Moscow Museum of Oriental Art (map)

Unless the Soviet Union had not been formed in 1922 on the basis of national self-identification of the ethnicities populating its territories, the country could have made the case for trans-ethnographic appropriation of cultural artifacts. What does it mean for the narratives of connections between material objects as evidence of history, aesthetics and alternative story-telling? How do these objects manifest themselves in the context of advancing globalization? 
The artistic investigation of Liva Dudareva (METASITU), Denis Maksimov/AVENIR INSTITUTE and Rana Ozturk presents an analysis of potentialities within the alternative cartography of Eurasia. Material, visual, representational, etc. fluidity manifested in migration, transition and conversion of thingness in the objects of ethnographic museums and beyond them is approached from a speculative perspective of trans-historicity in the present and in possible futures. This project also refers to the cultural geographer Doreen Massey's idea that "identities/entities, the relations between them, and the spatiality which is part of them, are all co-constitutive" and cannot be based on distinctiveness of places, cultures and nations. The Moscow Museum of Oriental Art is approached as an object in itself for post-disciplinary analysis of contemporary cultural discourse pastiche. Critical demystification of political and cultural identity through the objects is achieved by means of deconstruction of their 'secondary' layers of thingness.