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Avenirologic Hymn to Gaia

  • Circuits and Currents, Athens (GR) Tositsa ,Notara 13 Athens Greece (map)

Gaia (the Earth) is the one of the first children of Chasm, the beginning and the source of all Universe in Greek mythography according to Hesiod. The ancient city of Delphi was once devoted to her and the famous stone of omphalos represented her navel, left there after her birth and representing therefore the centre of the world. However the story of omphalos was changed with time passing and establishment of the patriarchal essence of the Classical Greece, suppressing the powerful narrative within anything female and/or queer. Omphalos was made a representation of the encounter between the two eagles that Zeus sent out to find the center of the world on manly quest. It was therefore deprived from its thingification of being female birth representation.

Combining and adding to Homeric and Orphic translations of the hymn (the prayer) to Gaia contemporary agency, Avenir Institute presents the Avenirologic Hymn to Gaia in the context of continuous practice of prohibition of the alternative storytelling , future planning and present critique by the nation states and usurpation of the power of interpretation under the threat of violence.