Denis Maksimov

a curator and researcher of art, politics and visual culture, Denis comes originally from Bryansk (RU) and lived in Moscow in 2004-2009. 

Denis investigates relations between aesthetics and power, post-structuralist thought and geopolitics, critical theory and international political economy, style and epistemology, historical analysis and futures studies. He published several books and numerous articles and is regularly invited to give lectures and public talks by the universities and various organisations. Denis is associate curator with Harlan Levey Projects gallery, curator of Penthouse Art Residency, art editor of The Brussels Times Magazine and advisor at Brussels Plus

He is based in Brussels (BE) since 2009.


Timo Tuominen

an artist, designer and developer, Timo was born in Ulvila (FI).

Timo is interested in the potential of art as a space for interdisciplinary research as well as the intersections between conceptual art and futures studies. He consults on and develops for large scale projects from conception to completion for clients. Timo implements intricate and business-critical solutions, leads technical innovation projects and conducts feasibility studies beforehand. He is interested in photography, user interfaces and product design. Timo is now working on a book about functional reactive programming.

He was living in Berlin (DE) from 2008 and relocated to London (UK) in 2013.

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Caroline Carrion

an independent curator and writer, Caroline comes from Jundiaí (BR).

She has been working in the art field since 2008 in Sao Paulo in different segments of the market, such as cultural centres, museums and art galleries. She developed and coordinated the production of several exhibitions, integrated publishing projects on contemporary art and has extensive experience with cultural journalism and institutional communication. 

Caroline is based in Sao Paulo (BR).