Avenir Manifesto

AVENIR INSTITUTE, 'Avenirology', 2015

AVENIR INSTITUTE, 'Avenirology', 2015

Do you remember the Future? It was a post-political society, where robots did all ‘the work’ and everyone was in a good health.

We face a choice from a Pandora's box of misfortunes: an offering for different ends of the world from environmental disasters to political dystopias. 

Do you remember the Future? It was a borderless green city the size of a planet, where the society enhanced with technologies and synergies with the nature was exploring the limitlessness of the transcendent post-humanity.

We live in a society of risk, paralysed by the all-encompassing fear of a systemic collapse. 

Do you remember the Future? It was a Noosphere of expanding singular intelligence, in which the emergence of the common consciousness allowed us to go beyond the physical and psychological restrictions of our bodies. 

To preserve the everlasting present we live in a zoo we constructed ourselves, in a time where the history has ended.

Do you remember the Future? It was a nomadic resilient interstellar mothership drifting between galaxies of the expanding Universe in pursuit of frontiers of limitless human curiosity. 

AVENIR INSTITUTE, 'Expanded Poetry', 2015

AVENIR INSTITUTE, 'Expanded Poetry', 2015

To counterbalance this rather dire and sad context, Avenir Institute hereby introduces and commits to promote employment of the term ‘avenir’ as a counterbalance to ‘risk’.

Do you remember the Future? It was a borderless post-nation world where distance and time-space stopped being limitation after a widespread introduction of teleportation.

‘Avenir’ is a counterbalance to ‘risk’, more than the word ‘opportunity’ - an avenir is a potentiality independent from any practical utility or historical context. 

Do you remember the Future? It was a confederation of star systems and galaxies inhabited by expanding its presence in the Universe enlightened humanity. 

We are restricted by the focus on risk aversion, which forces us to contain our imagination and obstructs a poetic essence in arts and fundamental research. 

Do you remember the Future? It was a genderless space where the fluidity of sexual identity was as smooth as white sand in a hot equatorial desert. 

Avenir Institute strives for realisations of post-disciplinary synergy between philosophy, art, politics, and technology, welcoming Others as agents of vitality.