Avenirologic Hymn to Gaia

Yea summon Earth, who brings all things to life and rears and takes again into her womb - for what is maybe it is time.

To Gaia, mother of all, shall I sing: the oldest one, firm foundation of all the world.
All things that move over the face of the earth, all things that move through the sea, and all that fly: all these are fed and nourished from your store; from you all children and all good harvests come forth, o blessed one, our mother earth.

Trump wants the space force beyond your shores; but drinks Coke Light produced out of your gifts and plays golf on your fair green skin.

O blessed one, mother of all mankind, the giver of life and the taker of life away, for mortal men, happy are those you honour: your fertile earth yields up riches to satisfy all their needs; their cities and their homes are filled with all good things; well-ordered lives of men and women you bless: good fortune is theirs.

And damned immortalists who want to upload their consciousness to hard drives and drift away with Trump’s space force.

Their children sing for joy and delight, exulting in their youth, they dance through the flowers; and over the grass they dance for joy. It is you who bless, it is you who nourish, sacred spirit, mother earth.

And yet those men forgot your sacred navel and don’t allow its story to be told, scaring with punishments.

Be well, be well, mother earth, lovely bride of starry heaven, of starry heaven; and for my song grant me life both full and long. It is you who bless, it is you who nourish, sacred spirit, mother earth, our blessed mother earth.

For I will go on telling stories that are alternative to those that nation states usurped as only true and fair to justify their violence, injustice and despair.

I shall remember you, and another song too.
Mother earth, source of blessed gods and men, all-nourisher, all-giver, ripener, all-destroyer,
Inspirer of growth, yielder of beautiful fruit in due season, foundation of the endless cosmos, many-splendoured lady, with the pains of child-birth you bring forth all manner of life, eternal, highly-revered, deep-bosomed, blessed one, rejoicing in sweetly-breathing greenery, many-flowered deity, delighting in rain; around you heaven’s teeming stars revolve in ever-winding flow most awesome. But, blessed spirit, may your fruits increase, and with joyful heart, look kindly upon us this time and for ever.

And help us crush those who betray your ethos, your respect and gracious valour.

(with the translations of Aeschylus “The Libation Bearers” 127-8 by Jules Cashford; Ancient Greek Homeric Hymn to Gaia and Ancient Greek Orphic Hymn to Gaia by Alec Roth).