anticipatory methods: towards post-disciplinary

 AVENIR INSTITUTE, “Singularity”, 2015

AVENIR INSTITUTE, “Singularity”, 2015

“Disciplines, like nations, are a necessary evil that enable human beings of bounded rationality to simplify the structure of their goals. But parochialism is everywhere, and the world sorely needs international and interdisciplinary travelers who will carry new knowledge from one enclave to another”. - Herbert Simon

The epistemology in its contemporary state is leaning towards hyperspecialisation. We believe that complexity of the socio-political and technological world with all the mutually exclusive contradictions, conflicts and conundrums is too swampy for any discipline to claim the functional purity of the application of ivory tower like paradigms. Cross-, inter-, multi- and trans- disciplinary collaborations and synergies provide some hope for the possible to become probable as well as for seemingly inevitable to become avoidable.

We develop unique anticipatory research and design methodologies for approaching the complex immediate and projected challenges to the values in the desirable futures we want to inhabit. In it, we see the opportunity for the critical theory to reemerge from the ashes of the seeming historicised irrelevance. The future can be predicted only if it is locked in the patterns of self-reproducing everlasting present. The desirable futures can’t be predicted but can be designed as a wide platform, a direction where we strive to move towards.

Among the methods are avenirology, transcendentity, political imaginary design, institutional queering, pre-oedipal schizoanalysis, medeation, thingnification, poliaesthetics and others. Aesthetics plays here an important role of the host for transdisciplinarity as a meeting point for the scientific paradigms from parallel universes of knowledges and subjectivities.